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            Welcome! I first met the members of Alecstar in the spring of 1978. It was at the Rams Den in Sylvan Beach. It was only their second gig with the new lineup of George, Jack, Dick and Harold. A friend of mine (Rex) had told me of this band of which a member was a friend of his. They were playing that night and he convinced me to go. He and I drove out there to catch their show and by the time the first set was over, I was convinced this band had what it took to make it. Because Rex knew Harold, we went backstage and from there as the saying goes… the rest was history. Harold and I became fast friends, as I did with all the band members in the coming months. Shortly afterwards we became roommates and later on when Harold got married, I became George's roommate. My views of the band, whether on paper or in pictures or even in the videos I took, are from the “inside”. It was a seven year ride, and I would be the biggest of liars if I said anything other than it was the greatest of times. I went through hundreds of photographs and negatives from 1978 right up until the last night in 1985. I didn’t just take these photographs… I lived them. I want to thank the band for inviting me into their inner circle and sharing with me a time I will never forget. An extra special thanks goes to Harold for giving me the opportunity to come up onstage and play with Alecstar. Something the band invited me to do on numerous occasions after that first time. What a rush! So enjoy your time here in the photo gallery!  


Mitch Tingiris 

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