May 1, 2009

        Once again we have signed on to play with the New York Flyers at the Turning Stone Casino Showroom on October 3rd. You can call the Turning Stone toll free at 877-833-7469 for tickets.  We have a new batch of Alecstar t-shirts. These are red with a white logo. We have also asked our old friend Jerry “The Doctor” Kraus (formerly of WOUR in Utica) to be master of ceremonies for the evening, and he has accepted our invitation. We will be closing the show  with another All-Star jam with the Flyers. The “Message Board” has been awfully quiet. Let’s hear from you! As a matter of fact, we want you to help us pick some songs for our set. We have certain songs that we have to play (Alecstar standards if you will) and we still have slots left for others that can be whatever we want, or in this case whatever YOU want. If there is a song of ours that we have not played in our previous reunions that you want to hear, then send it to us at  or leave a message on the “Message Board.”
        We are pushing George to get behind the drums for one song. For those of you that may have not been around in the early days of Alecstar, George was the drummer when we were just a four piece band. As a final note… there is a good chance that this will be our last reunion and we would love to see everybody one last time. As always please give to your local animal shelters, now more than ever. The shelters have suffered huge drops in donations, due to the recession, and donations are what they survive on. Many are in danger of closing. Please help them if you can. The Alecstar Band


May 8, 2007 

For those of you who are not on our emailing list we have signed up to play with the New York Flyers once againat the Turning Stone Casino on September 15th.  Ticket prices are $10-$15-$20. You can get them through or by calling the T.S. toll free at 877-833-7469. If you want to be added to our emailing list, send an email to and put “Add Me to Your Emailing List” in the subject line. We will be going on first this year so don’t be late! We will also be playing a brand new rockin’ Alecstar song for you. We will be sending out more emails and posting news as it happens so stay tuned. See you in September and please give to your local animal shelters… The Alecstar Band


December  21th  2006  

 The new CD, while off to a slow start, is now in full swing. There will be 13 songs on the new CD. First will be the remaining four songs from the album that did not make it on the first CD. Those are “I Can’t Take This Anymore”,  “Your So Good”,  “Babysitter”, and “Will You Believe”.  Also a fifth song , “I Can’t Say Goodbye” that was recorded for the album but never released. “Hearts On Fire” which was recorded in 1984 but never completed. The vocal track was never done until 2004. “I’m No Fool” which was recorded in it’s entirety in 2004 for our first CD but we had run out of time mixing and had to cut a few songs. The original 45RPM version (remember those!) of “No Cash” which was the song that launched us onto the airwaves. This version differs somewhat from the album version. “Your Lies” which was a song that we performed mostly when George was the drummer. “Take Me” which was the hands down favorite from almost everybody who responded to our asking what song(s) would you like to have on the second CD. “Too Late To Cry” which was one of the songs we recorded in 2004 that we were unable to use because of problems with the drums in the recording process. We ended up taking the live audio track (recorded in 1982) off the DVD and enhancing it. That’s eleven songs so far. The last two are live recordings that were done by WOUR 96.9 in Utica, which is home to our good friend and DJ, Jerry “The Doctor” Krause. The first song was recorded when the band was four piece. Its David Bowie’s “Hang On To Yourself” and features Harry on lead vocals. The second is John Lennon’s “Cold Turkey”. This CD will be a lot like the first in the sense that there is something from the band’s beginning up until the end and something new on top of that. Between both of our CD’s, pretty much all of the songs George wrote during the bands time together will be on one CD or the other. The complete collection! Originally we were going to put out a five or six song CD but decided that we may as well put all of the remaining studio recorded songs on it. We will be holding another online contest (with prizes) to name the new CD much like we did the last one. So start writing anything down that comes to mind. We will hold the contest closer to completion of the CD. Right now the new CD is about half done.  Will we be playing next year seems to be the other big question. Something is in the works and we still have a few hurdles to overcome before anything is finalized. But it is looking real good at this point. We will send out an email when it’s a done deal. We can tell you that we will have a BRAND NEW original song ready for the show.  Harry’s band Kane is playing around as is Jack’s band which has undergone a name change. It was JD Thrush but recently was changed to Smart Alec, the name he used for the band he formed with Timmy after Alecstar. Thrush, as you may recall from our HISTORY section, was the band Jack formed with George and Dan C. prior to Alecstar forming. Dan has rejoined Jack along with a new drummer. Everybody knows by now that we always close our emails & news posts by asking our fans to donate to their local animal shelters. This one is no different. There are way too many of our four footed friends in need. Please donate anything that you can. Whether it is money or food, it is welcome and needed. Please do not buy animals from pet stores. There are thousands of unwanted cats and dogs in shelters and not nearly enough homes for them. We would like to give a nod to our producer Jeff Perillo for recently adopting a kitten. He named her Maggie. Jeff didn’t just adopt her and pay the associated cost… he donated another $50- on top of that. It’s a time to give and give we should… to those that NEED. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year….

 The Alecstar Band