Alecstar On DVD!!


Contains seventeen live performances from the 1980's and seven more from the 1998 Vernon Downs show and 2003 Turning Stone reunion. Includes original material as well as some classic covers.


1. Someone Tonight (REO)

2. Ramble On (Led Zeppelin)

3. I Can't Say Goodbye

4. No Cash

5. Take It While You Can

6. Can't Stop The Need

7. Man Behind The Wheel

8. Lightning Strikes (Aerosmith)

9. Headin' Out To The Highway (Judas Priest)

10. Pretty Women (R. Orbison)

11. Too Late To Cry

12. Highway Star (Deep Purple)

13. Paranoid (Black Sabbath)

14. Rockin' In The Streets

15. Hold On To Rock & Roll

16. Wheel Of Fortune

17. Long Live Rock (The Who)

18. Long Dirt Road

19. Living In Fear

20. Standing In The Rain

21. Taking It Over

22. So Long To Hollywood

23. Give Me The Time

24. Money (Gordy-Bradford)


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Picture Disc


A unique picture disc that was released in the summer of 1984. Has a band photo and a see thru, flexible vinyl disc (that goes over the picture) that was designed to be played on a turntable. The disc plays two Alecstar songs (Wheel of Fortune & Gonna Get Thru To You). While you may no longer own a turntable, it is a Alecstar collectible suitable for framing. These are available in a very limited number.




Alecstar T-Shirts

Alecstar T-Shirts are made of 100% heavy duty cotton and are available in Small - Medium - Large and X-Large.

*NEW* RED Shirts with the classic Alecstar logo in white.



Alecstar CD

Contains both newly recorded and previously unreleased songs.

To listen to an audio sample click on the highlighted songs
Give Me The Time To Change
Living In Fear
Wheel Of Fortune
Rockin' In The Streets
Standing In The Rain

Here is the song line up and the cover art.

1. No Cash

2. Give Me The Time To Change

3. Hide Your Love

4. Man Behind The Wheel

5. Take It While You Can

6. Can't Stop The Need

7. Living In Fear

8. So Long To Hollywood

9. Wheel Of Fortune

10. Gonna Get Thru To You

11. Real Life

12. Standing In The Rain

13. Rockin' In The Streets

14. Long Dirt Road

15. Taking It Over

16. Hold On To Rock & Roll







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DVD - $12

CD & DVD - $20

T-SHIRT - $15



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