May 16th 2003


This reunion started off with a phone conversation between Harold and Mitch in February. They were talking about the upcoming 805 reunion that was to kickoff in May as part of the summer long Wour 30th anniversary. 805 were planning a multi date tour with the first stop at the Turning Stone Casino Showroom. Both agreed it would be a great place to play and the idea emerged to try to get Alecstar on the bill 805. A call was made to Jerry Krause of Wour and he was all for the idea but made it clear that the decision was Dave Porter's, 805’s leader and spokesman. He contacted Dave, who had no problem with Alecstar joining the kickoff celebration. Our thanks to Dave for the invitation. There was yet another hurdle to cross and that was the Turning Stone’s acceptance of the twin bill. The T.S. had but one question when asked if they wanted Alecstar on the bill. “How many original members are in the band?” When informed that the band would have an all original lineup, they jumped at the opportunity. The only problem left was time. The T.S. likes it shows to run between 8PM-10PM. That would be a problem. The band was initially offered 30 minutes, which our manager balked at. After few phone calls back and forth, we settled on a 50 min set. Thanks to Dave Porter for cutting down 805’s, set so that we could make ours a little longer. Both bands sets added up to more than two hours, but the TS made an exception. In fact, this was the first time two bands would be playing together. Once the contracts were signed, Wour put the word out that their 30th anniversary would kickoff at the Turning Stone with the twin bill of 805 and Alecstar. The show sold out in 5 weeks. So impressed was the Turning Stone that they came back to the dressing room before the band even went on and extended an invitation to return. Showtime arrived and the excitement of playing to a full house in such a top notch venue, filled everyone. To say the fans missed the band would be an understatement. Former members Kenny Simpson and Lou and Mike Segretti were invited to play as well. Recorded by UMTV, some of the footage is on the new Alecstar DVD. 805 followed and put on another show like only 805 can do. Like any reunion, it went way too quickly. However, this time it was not going to be five years until the next show.


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