May 29th 1993

Our first reunion was an unofficial one that occurred at the wedding of Mitch Tingiris, who would become the future reunions manager. It was held at the Lakeshore Country Club on Oneida Lake. The whole crew George, Jack, Dick, Harold and Tim were there. Former members Mike and Lou Segretti also made an appearance and sat in on part of the jam. Halfway through the reception (before anybody got too wasted!) we commandeered the wedding band’s equipment and proceeded to rock the house. We played “No Cash”, “Give Me The Time To Change”, “Living In Fear” and closed our mini set with Eddie Money’s “Everybody Rock & Roll The Place”. Being the great guys that we are, we let the groom grab his guitar and trade solo’s with Harold. To this day Mitch says that the only reason he got married was to get the band back together!

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