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    Syracuse based classic rock

     Utica based classic rock

     Albany based classic rock

England (United Kingdom) magazine that did a review of our DVD and CD

Check out Alecstar on this site

Central New York Video Wizards

Able Al's Sound Shop Online - Carries lots of local music

George Mahoney's band

   Great website to help those that have a lost pet

  Alecstar manager Mitch Tingiris webpage. He wrote a book!  

KTJ Music - George Mahoney's music store

Smart Alec - Jack Murray's band

 805 - Longtime CNY progressive rock favorite

Kane - Classic rock monsters

Mark Doyle - Musician extraordinaire and member of Free Will & Jukin' Bone

Joe Whiting - The original voice of Syracuse and  member of Free Will & Jukin' Bone

New York Flyers - Fellow 80's CNY rockers

Tuffy's Barn - Jim Barnes & Paul Baywall's Studio

FJA Mods - Local guitar amplifier guru Jerry Pinneli's site. Custom & factory work  

D.J. Ritchie - D.J. for hire... weddings, parties, etc.