I have to say that when they write the book about Central New York Rock Bands, Alecstar would have to be in chapter one and not just because they start with the letter ĎAí! To hold up musically today after all these years is an accomplishment in itself. And Iím also talking about the guys themselves! With all the crazy partying in the late 70ís and the early 80ís, these guys are still rockiní.

            The first Turning Stone Casino concert in May 2003 was classic Alecstar. It was like seeing the group in a time-warp from the Rustic Inn in 1979, or at Hot Rocks in 1981. Forget Dick Clark, we all know George Mahoney drinks daily from the Fountain of Youth and Jack, Dick, Harry and Tim have all remained rockers in the truest sense. The reunions we have witnessed are not about a bunch of retreads dusting off their gear for a trip down memory lane. They are Alecstar show's that can stand up against any show they did from back in the 80ís.

            When the talk around here turns to local bands past and present, along with their impact and skill, I always bring up the wild era of the late 70ís and early 80ís bands. How the musicianship and songwriting were key factors. The look and the presentation were also two prime ingredients to a bands "identity". While sometimes that is either lost or lacking today, we have memories of bands like Alecstar to remind us of the golden age of local rock. They represent Central New Yorkís finest, and they can stand up against any group of their era... in any city in the country! I was a fan first, and not long after became a friend. I have to say that these guys have put their stamp on the local music scene like no other band. They could out rock the others and have a crazy time doing it! Plus the dual lead guitar assault, that was a trademark of Alecstar, always wowed the crowds. (Harry & Dick... you guys rock!)

I            I am looking forward to not only the Alecstar music thatís coming out of the archives for their second CD, but any new tunes and any future reunions as well. Not only will we get to hear all those favorites again, we can watch them on the DVD that has footage that goes back to 1980! Damn, itís like stepping into a time machine when I start thinking about these guys! And donít forget their tunes that appeared on the WOUR ĎRock of Central New Yorkí albums and CD's. 'Hold On To Rock & Roll',  'Give Me The Time To Change' and 'So Long To Hollywood' were all highlights of the local music that we compiled.

            Till we rock again. In the words of Alecstar... "Hold On To Rock and Roll"Ö I heard it on the radio - WOUR!   



The Doctor, Jerry Kraus 

  WOUR 96.9 Announcer

   1978 - 2007




Jerry Kraus & Ozzy Osbourne 1981